Solar-powered crypto mining: cryptocurrency mining with Solar Panels

Solar-powered crypto mining cryptocurrency mining with Solar Panels

Cryptocurrency trading is getting popular, and Bitcoin is one of the most famous and first cryptocurrencies. Running a crypto mining rig will not be an easy and affordable task. You will require a decentralized computer network or a ledger to have track of all the transactions.

Running a crypto mining rig requires a lot of electricity to run the whole hardware system. To run things affordably, so you don’t have to pay electricity bills solar-powered crypto mining rig is the solution.

You will get the same amount of energy to run the crypto mining rig, but you won’t have to burn fossil fuels and other resources that are not recyclable. Therefore, the solar panel trend for crypto mining is the talk of the town nowadays.

In further detail, we will discuss the crypto mining rig and how you can build a crypto mining rig using solar panels energy. The main focus of our discussion will be on How much electricity does bitcoin mining use? Plus, how you can make things run more smoothly without causing any damage to the natural resources.

What is a crypto mining rig? All you need to know about

If you want to learn everything about crypto mining rigs, we should start with the basics. First, you need to know how the crypto mining rig mechanism works and what is the purpose of this mining rig.

Bitcoin will get minus from the cryptocurrency supply chain when a single transaction is made in cryptocurrency. A new bitcoin gets generated to add the same amount to the existing system. A cryptocurrency mining rig adds bitcoin to the system to maintain the cycle.

Generating a bitcoin requires a lot of energy. To keep the cycle running, the crypto mining rig consumes a huge amount of electricity. Therefore, a solution has been found that using solar panels to run the crypto mining rig is the best option.

Reasons to have a solar-powered crypto mining rig.

Trade through digital currency is increasing because it is an easy and safer option. While you are trading using your cryptocurrency, a lot of energy gets consumed to fill the gap of the cryptocurrency you made in the cryptocurrency rig. Therefore, the new trend of crypto mining using solar energy is getting popular.

Following are the reasons that will help you to understand the need to adopt the strategy of using solar energy to do crypto mining:

1.     Increasing demand for cryptocurrency

The trend of trading using digital currency is making waves. People are investing in cryptocurrency to make good money out of it. Therefore, the need for crypto mining is also increasing. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that gets mined using crypto mining rigs. The list is pretty long.

Crypto mining consumes a lot of electricity. To fulfill the crypto mining requirement, many natural resources get burned daily. This reason won’t stop the companies from stopping their crypto mining rigs. Therefore, another solution has been found companies can use solar energy to run their crypto-mining rigs.

To fulfill the demand of crypto mining, none of the natural resources needs to be burned because the companies will be able to generate enough energy while using sunlight. You might have an idea of why you have to get a solar-powered crypto mining rig.

The demand will not be minimized, but it will increase with each passing day. Solar-powered crypto mining rigs are the best solution so far to cope with the situation.

2.     Save 100% of energy consumption

As we have said above, the demand for digital currency and digital trading is increasing rapidly. People are investing huge sums of money in digital currency. They do trading using that currency. To run the system smoothly, the companies keep adding digital currency to their existing system.

Therefore, much electricity is consumed because crypto-mining rigs consume a lot of energy. If you start using solar energy to run those crypto-mining rigs, you can save on electricity costs and natural resources from burning.

If you keep using electricity, the providers will have to burn natural resources to fulfill your demands. On the contrary, you can start producing electricity while using solar energy. The energy you will produce using solar energy will be 100% natural.

Benefits of having a solar-powered running mining rig to generate cryptocurrency

We have discussed the reasons for having a solar panel crypto mining rig. Let’s talk about the beneficial facts if you adopt this technique:

·       Save natural resources

If the miners keep using electricity for crypto mining, natural resources are in danger. That time is not away when we will run out of natural resources, and we won’t be able to fulfill our energy requirements. A crypto-mining rig consumes a lot of electricity.

Switching the operations to solar panels will help in saving natural resources. It is a major concern because we are running out of natural resources. The only way to fulfill the electricity requirement of crypto miners is to switch the process to solar power.

The miners can run their systems without burning natural resources. Therefore, the most important benefit of solar-powered crypto mining rigs is that you can preserve your natural resources.

·       Save on electricity bills

It is obvious that if you are consuming electricity, you will have to pay for it. The electricity bills might not be a big problem for the huge crypto miner companies. For startup companies, utility bills might be a problem. If you can save a good amount of money by choosing a sustainable energy-producing option, you should go for it.

Using sunlight, you can produce the same energy you were consuming to run your crypto mining rigs. The trend of producing power by using solar energy is getting popular. You won’t have to pay the electricity bills anymore.

You get the same amount of energy but through a free resource. A resource that will not end, and you will be able to keep running your crypto mining rigs.

·       An affordable way to run a crypto mining rig

If you start generating your power and stop getting any electricity supply for crypto mining rigs, you won’t have to pay for energy usage anymore. It is an affordable way for all crypto miners to run their crypto miner rigs using solar panels.

You have to install the solar panels at the right place in your facility so they will keep generating power to run your crypto mining rigs. Even you will be able to store some extra energy that you can use when the sun doesn’t come up, and the solar panels won’t be able to generate energy on those days. Therefore, solar panels are affordable options for crypto miners if they want to save on electricity bills. You will have to get the setup once, and then you can enjoy its perks.

How to build a crypto mining rig? All you need to know about

Building a crypto mining rig is not going to be an easy task. It will require time, energy, and money. You can build your crypto mining rig by buying and connecting all the required hardware.

Let’s talk about the procedure of building a crypto mining rig that you can run further while using solar panels to run the rig. First, let’s build it together. You must follow all the steps carefully and ensure you don’t make any mistakes. Otherwise, you will have to start from scratch because the crypto mining rig won’t work. Get the hardware

Following are the hardware parts that you will require to build a crypto mining rig:


The most crucial part of a crypto mining rig is the GPU. You will have to get GPUs to get started with the process of building a crypto-mining rig. It is the most crucial part of the whole crypto mining rig frame because it keeps track of the profits. It would be best that you get the most premium quality GPUs. They are going to be expensive, but you need to buy them.


Without a motherboard, no electrical machinery works. So, after GPUs, it is time to get motherboards for the crypto mining rig. Here are a few things that you need to look for while you are buying the motherboards:

You should be able to connect 6 GPUs to the motherboard

What is the type of processor socket?


You will have to buy a CPU if you want to do crypto mining while using a CPU alone. The quality of the CPU has to be top-notch. If you have already bought GPU, you can get a moderate-quality CPU for bitcoin mining.


RAM is not an important component for the crypto mining rig, but it will be required to build it.


You can buy any PSU with a 1200W platinum rating.


To maintain the airflow between the GPUs while mining cryptocurrency, you will require PCI-e risers. They will elevate the GPU from the motherboard to stay cool and increase the airflow. Otherwise, the system might get heated up, which will not be a good sign.


You can get any 240 GB SSD.

Fast internet connection

Without a high-speed internet connection, your crypto mining rig would be useless. It would help if you got a good quality Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi adapter, and a fast internet connection.

Mining rig frame

It depends on your choice whether you want to buy a ready-made mining rig frame or you’d like to build it yourself. It will take a little longer to build a 6 GPU mining rig frame, but if you have the skills, you can go for it.

Flash Drive

You will require a Flash Drive with 5GB capacity or maybe more.

Zip tiles

20 or more Nylon cables that are also known as zip tiles

PCI-e Y-Splitter

If you aren’t using a PSU unit, then you might need PCI-e Y-splitter.

·       Attach the motherboard

After you gather all the hardware to construct a crypto-mining rig, it is time to start the actual work. First, you will have to keep the motherboard that is capable of 6 GPUs on a foam. Yes, we are constructing a crypto-mining rig using 6 GPUs. It would be wise to attach all the electrical components to the motherboard, construct the whole mining rig, and then place it inside the rig frame.

·       Attach the processor

It is time to get to the next step of attaching the processor to the motherboard. The CPU you got now you have to install it in the motherboard socket. You have to be very careful while attaching the CPU to the motherboard because you might end up causing damage to the motherboard or the CPU.

Now you need to mark the side of the CPU and both sides of the motherboard socket. The CPU will not fit if you don’t do the markings because you must attach them from the same sides. Be careful with the CPU pins while you are installing the processor into the socket of the motherboard. The pins easily bend; if they bend, you will have to replace the whole CPU.

For attaching the processor to the motherboard, you can use thermal paste and apply it to the heat sink’s surface.

·       Install RAM

Once you install the CPU, it is time to install the RAM/system memory on the motherboard. Inserting the RAM is not going to be a tough procedure for you because you have to install it in the RAM socket of your motherboard. First, you will have to open the motherboard side sockets and then start to push the RAM in the RAM socket.

Fix the motherboard in the frame

Now you have attached the GPU with the motherboard and installed the CPU processor and the RAM. It is time to fix the motherboard to the crypto mining rig frame. You have to be extra careful while placing the motherboard inside the frame. If mistakenly the motherboard touches the frame while you are placing it, then the motherboard will get scratched from its bottom.

If you don’t want a scratch on the bottom of your motherboard, you must be careful while performing this step. If the frame is made up of metal, then the motherboard should only touch the frame, where you will have to attach the board to the frame with screws.

Now you have to tightly fix the screws so the motherboard will stay in its place and not fall from the frame.

·       Time to attach the power supply unit

Now it is time to give power to your crypto mining rig. The power supply has to be near the mining rig. If you are generating power from solar panels, you must ensure that the rigs are nearer to the power supply unit.

Attach the power supply unit with the motherboard. You should ensure that the power supply cable is firmly attached to the motherboard. It would help if you didn’t mix up the power connector and the power conductor.

·       Attach USB risers and GPUs

Once you place the motherboard in the mining rig frame, you have to attach the USB risers and the 6 GPUs to the motherboard. Be careful while you are connecting the USB risers and the power cables. Never try to connect 3-4 power connectors with 3-4 risers because it will cause damage to the USB risers.

You have connected the USB risers to the motherboard, then. Now you have to work on the GPU connecting procedure. First, you must firmly place the graphic cards on the frame while using USB risers. After plugging the PCI-e 6+2 power connectors into your GPU, you now have to attach the connectors to the rest of the 5 GPUs.

·       Check the connections and turn on the crypto mining rig

The last step to building a crypto mining rig is to check the connectors. You need to check whether the cables are connected correctly with the connectors and the motherboard or not. If the cables are not attached correctly or firmly, the crypto mining rig won’t work. Check whether the graphic card has been connected to the main PCI-E slot or if you need to connect it to the monitor.

Once you check all the cables, you can connect the monitor and the mouse to the system and turn on the rig. You will have to connect the power switch to the power pins of the motherboard to turn on the crypto mining rig.

You will get a boots sign if the rig is working perfectly. You get the BIOS message when you install everything perfectly and have built a crypto-mining rig without error.

How much time would be required to mine 1 bitcoin rig using solar panels?

It depends on the solar panels and the crypto mining rig. 30-50 solar panels would be required to mine 1 bitcoin, but it also depends on the location and how much energy the solar panels produce. If you have pro rigs, they will consume 72kWh a day. It takes approximately 10 minutes to mine one bitcoin but depending on different factors, and the time might get a little longer.

How much energy does crypto mining use?

You might be shocked that the crypto mining rig consumes much electricity to run the system. According to Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, approximately 1449 kWh of energy gets consumed by one bitcoin transaction.

The amount of energy one bitcoin consumes equals the 50 days of energy consumption of an average US household. Yes, this is a fact, and you can imagine how much electricity will get consumed by thousands of bitcoins daily. The cryptocurrency is not limited to bitcoin now.

Many other cryptocurrency options are available now, and they all consume a lot of electricity daily. With every passing day, the trading through cryptocurrency is increasing; therefore, electricity consumption will also increase to run the crypto mining rig. Technology doesn’t come cheap but running the crypto mining rig with solar panels is a smart option.

Have some built a crypto mining rig with solar panels?

You might get a little shocked and impressed at the same time that a new crypto miner Aspen Creek Digital Corp, is using the solar-powered crypto mining strategy. They have set up a six-megawatts solar-powered facility to start crypto mining in the western part of Colorado.

This crypto miner corporation was founded in January, and they are running S19 bitcoin mining machines using solar energy panels. They have built this unit on the 75,000-square-foot facility, where many other facilities are available.

So, now you know it is possible to run crypto mining rigs using solar energy. Even Tesla is showing interest and investing money in this strategy of running crypto mining rigs.

Is solar crypto mining the future?

With every passing day, the demand for cryptocurrency trading will increase. More people are getting to know about this way of trading, which has made their lives easier. You have already read how much one bitcoin transaction consumes electricity. You can imagine how much energy gets consumed by all the bitcoin transactions in a day.

If the trading keeps going like this, the threat to our natural resources will become a horrible reality. Therefore using solar panels to run a crypto mining rig is the only way out. We have discussed the benefits of running a crypto-mining rig using solar energy. So, the answer to the question that whether solar crypto mining is the future or not then the answer is yes.

Solar crypto mining will make the situation easier for companies managing cryptocurrencies. Solar energy will help in preserving natural resources. The companies can run their crypto mining rig conveniently without any break to the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies transactions. 

We have talked about crypto mining rigs and how you can build it quite in detail. It would help if you switched to solar panels instead of using electricity by burning natural resources is the best option. Now you know how much electricity a single bitcoin consumes. You know the benefits of using solar-powered crypto-mining rigs as well. Therefore, you should keep all the aspects in your mind and take the right decision.

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