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Juiceboxsolar was created to make it easier for you to find reliable installers for installing solar panels, batteries or electric vehicle chargers. Besides, we promise a positive experience for you.

I, Nick Pemberton, founded Juiceboxsolar in early 2009, when a 1 kW system cost $10,000 and home solar systems were rare.

Nick Pemberton

At the time, I was employed by CSIRO in their renewable energy branch (having left the mining industry to follow my passion for solar). As I continued to study more about solar energy, I soon realized that the USA would be a significant market for it due to lowering panel prices, increasing panel efficiencies, and growing grid electricity costs.

However, when I spoke with individuals outside of CSIRO who were considering solar power, I quickly learned that they were in need of unbiased counsel and, more importantly, assurance that the costs they had been quoted were fair, the equipment was of high quality, and the installation was secure. The necessity for individuals to obtain multiple bids from trustworthy installers was crucial, given that one mob was going around selling a $10k system for $25k.

This is how the website came to be.


How is Juiceboxsolar profitable?

We earn money by offering referral fees to those who want quotations from solar providers that I have thoroughly reviewed.

The installers of solar, batteries, and EV chargers that we include in our referral network:

Installers must offer excellent hardware, first-rate service, and reasonable pricing to gain your business because of the nature of our quotes service, which involves numerous installers giving competing bids to a single consumer.

Here is the price we charge our clients for "sales leads" in the interest of transparency:

Solar panels
  • If I make a mistake and a business I’ve let into the JBS network begins to receive regularly negative customer evaluations, I’ll kick them out of the network.
  • This philosophy implies that I am extremely confident that all the firms I refer will deliver wonderful quotes and a fantastic installation if you choose to accept their quote after 14 years of weeding out my clients and gathering more than 25,000 reviews of solar companies.
  • Ask other “solar quote” websites if they: to compare our business model to theirs.
  • Accept everyone who applies, regardless of their track record, because there is money to be made?

Keeping the delicate balance between homeowners who want multiple solar quotes and the number of installers who are willing to accept those requests is one of the most challenging aspects of running Juiceboxsolar on a daily basis.

Sometimes, just because I don’t have enough installers available to handle the request, clients who want quotes will find that we match them with less quotes than the amount of quotes (maximum 3) that they ask for.

For me, this is a missed chance to earn money! I could easily make up the difference by lowering my (very tight) installer standards.

If you don’t believe me, read our reviews on the unbiased third-party review website. I have never (and will never) do this because I firmly believe that consumer trust and goodwill can be lost over night, and lowering my installer standards would be the quickest way I know to ruin Juiceboxsolar’ sterling reputation.