Smartflower Solar Review: How Affordable Is It?

Every day in this modern world can be refreshing with the discovery of new and exciting technologies. In the pursuit of making this world a greener place, a variety of initiatives have been taken. One such initiative was made in 2018 with the beginning of a unique automated solar system, the SmartFlower Solar. The unique thing about SmartFlower Solar Panels is its design, which is way different from traditional solar panels’ design. The company has developed a shape of sunflower solar panels that are not restricted to being used on rooftops. The users can use these flower solar panels on the ground at their location/property.

This idea of a ground-mounted flower solar panel has been greeted with so much attention & acceptance from users. It is important to mention here that it is not just the design of SmartFlower solar panels, but it is also about the kind of high-tech elements it has. The work method of these smart solar panels is also quite different from traditional rooftop solar panels. It comes with an autonomous system that is automated for a variety of its functions.

To know more about the features, advantages, and differences of the SmartFlower solar panel as compared to traditional solar panels, we need to look at every aspect of these solar flowers, especially the sunflower solar panel cost, and if they are worth a choice to consider. The next part of this detailed guide will discuss all critical elements of the SmartFlower solar panels for you to decide whether you should consider it to buy or not.

The Difference between Smartflower Solar Panels and Rooftop Solar Panels

If you want to see a combination of art and solar panels, the answer is SmartFlower solar panel. It is such a unique product developed by SmartFlower that it comes with some of the most amazing features that you cannot relate to traditional rooftop solar panels. It works like a sunflower, so when the sun rises in the morning, SmartFlower solar panel starts to unfold its petals directed toward the sun. The 90-degree angle of the solar panel flower remains directed toward the sun for the entire day. It means when the sun changes its direction throughout the day, the petals also change their direction to remain in front of the sun to produce renewable energy. That’s why these solar panels are also named sunflower solar panels.

The primary difference is the design when it comes to seeing the major difference between Rooftop Solar Panels and SmartFlower Solar Panels. The traditional solar panels come up with shapes such as rectangles, whereas these panels have a sunflower shape, which is such a unique design. The other difference is that SmartFlower solar panels are ground-mounted, whereas most traditional solar panels have to be installed on rooftops. There are so many things to keep in check while installing solar panels on the rooftop. Still, sunflower solar panel has the advantage of getting installed on the ground, where enough space and sun exposure is available.

The other distinguished feature of the SmartFlower solar panel is to have a dual-axis tracker system, which is not found in traditional solar panels. This tracking system allows the sunflower solar panels to follow the sun’s direction from morning to evening so that they can soak the energy of the sun to produce renewable energy. It means that SmartFlower solar panels will produce more energy in a day compared to traditional solar panels.

The Best Features of the SmartFlower Solar Panel

The innovation and creativity with various technologies have been amazing in the last 2 decades, and the SmartFlower solar panel is a wonderful addition to this list. The first and more significant feature of the SmartFlower solar panel is its unique and distinctive design, which you won’t find in this solar panel market. The number of petals in a solar flower is 12, and they are in a close state at night. When the sun rises in the morning, these 12 petals slowly begin to open, and their direction is automatically set to the direction of the sun. When the evening sunsets, the petals return to their closed shape. The best part is that these petals come with self-cleaning technology, so when they close in the evening, the brushes attached are used to clean them.

The other amazing feature of the solar flower panel is its automated system which comes with all the built-in hardware and software components to perform its functions. So, a user won’t need any extra hardware or software support; rather, they can just assemble and install it at their location, and it is ready to use. The company claims that only 2 or 3 hours are needed to install the entire system, which is wonderful. On the other hand, rooftop solar panels take a lot of time to install as they have many processes to handle.

It was mentioned earlier that solar panel flower is one of the smartest systems around, with so many other smart features. The system has a smart cooling feature as it has rear ventilation, which keeps the petals as cool as 18°F. The efficiency and efficacy of the solar cells are increased due to this smart cooling function which ultimately makes around a 10% difference in overall output. The other critical feature of the SmartFlower solar panel is its smart safety. The system can identify the changing weather conditions, and if there is any change in this regard, it opens and closes automatically. It also comes with an added feature of an internet connection so that you can have all the information on your smart device to see how it is performing. A mobile app can be used to monitor and operate your sunflower solar panel.

The Cost of the Smartflower Solar System

The technology and its smartness are one thing to consider, but the other most important for the consumers is the cost of the solar system and how much money they can save overall. The overall SmartFlower Solar Price range is $25,000 – $30,000 however, there are so many other factors to consider in this regard. The sunflower solar panel cost varies due to the consumer’s requirements and the model chosen for the installation. For instance, a basic version does not include a battery in the package. Still, one upgraded model comes with a battery so that consumers can store renewable energy.

There is great news for Electric Vehicle users if they consider buying SmartFlower Solar Panel. The company has introduced a SmartFlower EV Solar Panel that can be used to charge your electric vehicle directly. The sunflower solar panel cost can vary due to different incentives provided by different states. Moreover, the solar panel flower is also useful enough with its design and features that a user can continue to save a lot of electricity costs for the next 20 to 25 years. The users can enjoy savings of more than $10,000 annually, which is a lot of money to save.

Types of SmartFlower

The company has published a variety of products and models for the users to choose from as per their choice and requirements. The basic model is called “SmartFlower.” The next upgraded model is called SmartPower+, which has more features and options than the basic version; this model comes with a battery to save energy. There is one more model called SmartFlower EV, which is useful for the owners of EV owners as they can directly charge their EVs with solar energy by using SmartFlower EV model. A user can visit the company’s official site to select their favorite model and schedule an appointment to connect with the expert team of SmartFlower.  

SmartFlower Solar System, Worth it or not?

The answer to this question is not straightforward because there are various elements to consider while answering a particular question. The first thing is who you are, why you want to install a sunflower solar panel, and what is your overall requirement. For instance, if you have a mid-level income and want to install a solar system to save electricity costs as much as possible, then the most important concern would be the overall cost. So, for every budget-minded person, using SmartFlower solar panel may not be a considerable option because it may seem costly to them. However, if you have a good income with nothing much to worry about in your life, then SmartFlower can be a great option for you as it is useful and a beautiful addition to your house, office, etc. SmartFlower Solar Panel is a combination of technology and art, and you can have it at your place to impress friends and family. So, if these elements are kept in mind, the SmartFlower Solar System is certainly worth it.

The Pros and Cons of SmartFlower Solar Panel

Regardless of the technology, design, great features, etc., every product has a few cons and pros. This is the case with the SmartFlower solar panel as well. It is a wonderful product with great features. The best thing about SmartFlower is its innovative and unique design which distinguishes it from all other solar panels available on the market. The other advantage of using SmartFlower is smart features that you may not find with other traditional solar panels. It has an automated system that works as per given commands, like its petals opening at the time when the sun rises and then folded back once the sun is set.

However, it is also vital to look at some of the cons. The biggest con of SmartFlower is its high cost which is way more than traditional solar panels. Moreover, the warranty period offered by the company is very short, and they should increase this time period. It is also evident that the output gained from the SmartFlower is limited as compared to the traditional solar panels, which can be installed to get energy for mega projects. So, if you are considering buying SmartFlower Solar Panels, then you must keep an eye on their pros and cons and decide whether it is feasible to buy them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, SmartFlower is an amazing technology with a touch of artistic design and innovation to use. It is not just innovative but also portable and easy to use compared to traditional rooftop solar panels. The installation of the SmartFlower is easy and convenient that can be done in 2 to 3 hours, whereas the rooftop solar panels’ installation process can take an entire day. Moreover, the SmartFlower solar panels come with so many models, as well as a variety of colors to choose per your choice. If you are a homeowner who wants to add a stunning touch to your property, the innovative design of the SmartFlower will be a great addition to your home.

It is also a portable system, so if you are moving to another place, you can easily disassemble, transport, and reinstall it in a new place. However, the cost is the most important thing to keep in mind, and SmartFlower solar panels are way more expensive than traditional solar panels. A common consumer with a reasonable income may not find it affordable as the price is too high. Traditional solar panels are more budget-friendly and affordable for the majority of customers. 

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