How Long do Solar Panels Last? The Average Lifespan of Solar Panels

Suppose you want to live a sustainable life and don’t want your presence to affect the natural resource by consuming energy. In that case, you can also consider installing solar panels for your business and your home. They last longer than you can imagine. Yes, solar panel lifespan is approximately 25 to 30 years.

The solar panel lifespan also depends on the type and quality of solar panels you get installed at your place. Solar panels are a durable option for saving the environment and natural resources. You won’t be saving natural resources only but a big chunk of money from your utility bills.

Electricity is getting increasingly expensive daily, so people are switching to a sustainable, sustainable, solar panel lifestyle option. You might want to know more about how long solar panels last.

So, in further detail, we are going to talk about everything related to solar panel lifespan. Plus, how you will be able to extend the lifespan of a solar panel from 25-30 years to its maximum limit.

For how long does a solar panel last when fully charged?

The charging of a solar panel depends on the type of batteries you install in them. Solar panels never stop generating electricity, even if you are not consuming it to its fullest. The extra energy is stored in the batteries you can consume when the sun goes down.

Your usage won’t affect the amount of energy the solar panels are producing. Plus, you don’t need to consume all the energy in the day. You can spare some of it for later usage. If we talk about a standard solar battery and when it gets fully charged, you can use the energy stored in it for about 1-5 days.

Yes, if the sun doesn’t arise for 1-5 days because of the weather change and the solar panels don’t get any sunlight to get recharged, then you can use the energy stored in the solar panel batteries for 1-5 days. So, if you know how much longer the sun will last every day, then you will have an idea that how much energy the solar panels produce.

Factors that affect the life expectancy of solar panels

Here are a few factors that affect the solar panel lifespan:

·       Extreme weather changes

A sudden change in the weather will affect the solar panel lifespan. The reason is that if the weather gets too chilly, the sun doesn’t come up, or the solar panels will get covered with dust or snow due to a sandstorm. So, you can imagine the solar panels being covered in all these materials won’t be able to function properly.

People living in regions where the weather changes quickly and touches extreme limits will affect the lifespan of solar panels. You can still install solar panels for your use, but they might not last for 25-30 years, as we have mentioned above.

The number one factor that affects the life expectancy of solar panels is the extreme change in weather or temperature. Sun is necessary for the solar panels to work, and if it doesn’t show up for days, then the solar panels won’t be able to function.

·       Improper installation of solar panels

Another major reason your solar panels’ life expectancy gets affected badly is the wrong installation of solar panels. Professionals and experienced people know how they need to install solar panels, so they work properly and you get energy without any hurdles.

If you have hired people to install solar panels, but they install them at the wrong angle or position, it will cause later problems. If the solar panels are not installed in the direction of the sun so the direct sunlight will strike the panels, then it will cause solar panels to start degrading.

·        It would help if you had engineers inspect your roof to judge its conditions and the perfect point where the solar panels need to get installed by a professional.

·        Otherwise, the wrong installation will affect the life span of solar panels.

·        If the roof has a leakage problem or is damaged, these problems will also affect the lifespan of solar panels.

Be sure about the roof condition before you get someone to install solar panels on your roof, whether you are installing them at your business site or home.

·       No maintenance work gets done

If you don’t take care of solar panels, their life span will surely be affected immensely. Therefore, you must maintain the cleanliness of your solar panels. When it rains, or due to the stormy winds, the tree branches, debris, and other material will fall onto the solar panels.

Once the weather gets normal, you should check the solar panels. If you find any material covering the solar panels, you need to get rid of them instantly. If you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your solar panels, then the dust will settle in, and the tree branches might cause damage to the surface of the solar panels.

These things will affect solar panels’ life expectancy, and they will not be able to charge properly. Plus, they will not last 25 years without you caring for the maintenance work.

How to make solar panels last long? Things you need to know about

Now you know how long solar panels last? Well, it is time to get to know about a few tips that will help your solar panels to last even longer than 25 years:

Choose a trustworthy company

First, you need to choose a trustworthy company that will install solar panels on your roof. Never risk trusting a new company in the market with your money, especially when it comes to solar panel installation. A company will offer quality services, and their solar panels will last longer.

So, you need to pay attention to the fact that you need to do your homework and look for a durable company that has been providing solar panel services for a long time. Otherwise, choosing the wrong company will not install solar panels with 25 year of solar panel lifespan. The solar panel will start degrading within no time.

Inexperienced people might do a mistake while installing solar panels on your roof. It happens when you don’t choose the right solar panel service provider company. The wrong installation means a lesser solar panel lifespan. So, choose the company wisely.

Regular solar panel check

Once the solar panels are installed on your roof, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to check on them. You are the company you get the solar panels from, and you should stay in touch with them. You can keep checking the solar panels yourself.

Once in a while, you can call the company people to have a proper inspection of solar panels. If they find any fault in their work, they should fix it on time before it starts affecting the solar panel’s life expectancy. So, another tip that might help in extending the life span of your solar panels is to have a regular check on the solar panels. If you notice that the solar panels are not producing enough energy, this is also a sign to call for a professional inspection.

When you hire a trustworthy company for solar panel installation services, they keep visiting your place to check the current situation of the solar panels.

Replace batteries on time

If the solar panels produce energy, but you are not consuming it, they will be stored in the batteries. You can use that energy later, but what happens to the batteries if you don’t check them after a while? It is obvious that if you don’t change them after a period, then they will start degrading. The performance of the batteries will start getting affected.

If the batteries stop working, the solar panels might also be affected by this cause. Therefore, you must keep checking the current situation of the batteries. If you find them degraded or not storing enough energy, then it is a sign that you need to replace them with new ones.

It would be wise to use quality batteries with your solar panels, especially if you want them to last longer than the standard lifespan of solar panels. Everything that is connected to your solar panels, you have to maintain them. So, changing batteries with time will help increase solar panels’ life expectancy.

Clean solar panels for efficient outcome

If your solar panels get blocked by dust, dirt, debris, and other material, then how will they be able to produce energy? Obviously, if you don’t clean things, they will get worse over time. They will stop working and serving their purpose towards you. Whenever the weather changes, the solar panels will get affected by it.

If it rains, then the tree branches might fall on your solar panels. The dust will settle in the solar panels if a dust storm hits your area. You might find debris on your solar panels in stormy winds once the storm ends. So, there are many situations where your solar panel will get blocked by various materials.

Therefore, you must clean your solar panels once the rain or storm ends. Clear the solar panels from broken tree branches, dust, and dirt. Maintaining your solar panels will help in maximizing their lifespan of solar panels.

How much time a solar panel takes to get fully charged?

Whether you use energy or not, the solar panel will keep serving its purpose of generating power using sunlight. The energy generated by the solar panels gets stored in the batteries attached to the solar panels.

There are a variety of batteries available in the market that you can choose from for your solar panels. If you choose a standard size battery, it will take approximately 1-5 days to charge those batteries fully.

It might take a little less time if you are not consuming energy generated by solar panels. On the contrary, if you are consuming energy but the amount of energy generated by the solar panels is more than the amount you are consuming. It will take 1-5 days to charge your batteries fully. You can consume the energy stored in the batteries later.

Why do you have to get solar panels with a longer lifespan?

Let’s talk about a few reasons why you have to consider getting solar panels installed at your place with longer lifespan:

Save on electricity bills

Electricity is getting expensive, and if you are already tired of paying the bills because the survival of life without electricity is impossible, you need to get solar panels. Once you install them, you won’t have to worry about electricity bills. Without worrying about energy consumption daily, you can use the energy produced by solar panels for more than 25 years.

The main benefit of considering a longer lifespan is that solar panels save you from the worries and thoughts of electricity bills that might cost you a fortune in the coming years. Solar panels will help you for more than 25 years to consume energy generated by sunlight. Living in a region where you get enough sun, you can get solar panels to make your life easier and affordable.

Save the environment

Do you know that producing energy using natural resources you consume daily is ruining the environment? By burning natural resources, the process emits harmful gases into the air. Harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and others pollute the air.

You can play an important part in saving the environment from these harmful gases by not consuming energy produced by burning natural resources. Yes, getting solar panels will help you to live your life without causing any harm to the environment.

Solar panels use sunlight to produce energy, so there is no way that this process consists of emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere. You can save the atmosphere for more than 25 years with just one decision of getting solar panels with a higher lifespan rate.

Save natural resources

With each passing day, we are losing our natural resources, and if we keep burning them to fulfill our energy needs, then a time will come when we will run out of natural resource reserves. Therefore, it is necessary and needs of the hour to change our practices. Instead of burning natural resources replacing the process with solar panels would be wise.

Without burning fossil fuels or consuming other natural resources, we can fulfill our needs for energy by generating energy through sunlight. Solar panels would last more than 25 years, so you won’t have to worry about running out of our natural resources this way.

Why do solar panels degrade over time?

Solar panels produce energy using sunlight, which means the solar panels will be exposed to UV rays. UV rays will affect the solar panels over time. Due to daily wear and tear due to the changing weather and temperature, solar panels will be affected by them.

·        Sometimes extreme weather can affect the solar panels so badly that the degradation process might start a little and at a speedy rate.

·        So, it is obvious that sooner or later, the degradation process of your solar panels will start, and the company from which you are getting the solar panel services will give you a warranty card.

From the card, you will get to know about the degradation rate of your solar panels. Mostly it is 1% per year. Still, you will get the answer to your question of how long solar panels last and what the solar panel degradation rate would be.

When does the solar panel degradation process start?

If you take care of the maintenance works of your solar panels, then they won’t start degrading anytime sooner. It will take a year before the degradation process gets started. Yes, if you are getting solar panels from a reputable and trustworthy company, then they give you a warranty on the solar panels.

They guarantee that solar panels will generate 90% of energy for the first ten years. For the rest of 25-30 years, the panels will start generating energy at 80%. The degradation process also depends on the quality of solar panels and how you care for them.

If you fail to maintain your solar panels’ cleanliness and other situations, there is a high chance that the degradation process might start earlier. It means you will not get 90% energy production first ten years and 80% energy for the rest of the lifespan of solar panels.

Which type of solar panels has a higher solar panels life expectancy?

You might get a little astonished by finding the fact about the solar panels that the solar panels installed back in the 1980s are still working somehow, according to a survey. So, you can imagine that if you take care of your solar panels and maintain them, they will last longer than 25 years. With the latest technology, solar panel lifespan has increased by 25 years.

·        Now different types of solar panels are available in the market. Every type of solar panel has the same purpose of producing energy, but their life span varies from one type to another.

·        If you want to install solar panels with the longest lifespan, you should go for polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline solar panels.

They come with more than 25 years of lifespan warranty. The life span of solar panels depends on the purity of silicon used in manufacturing them. If the crystalline silicon is 100% pure, the solar panels will last longer than you can imagine.

What will happen once the lifespan of solar panels is over?

According to the standard solar panel’s lifespan, they last approximately 25-30 years. If you have installed solar panels of premium quality, they might be able to live a little longer and provide energy.

After 25-30 years, when the solar panels get super old doesn’t mean they die at this age. Yes, the solar panels will still keep working and producing energy. Only the amount of energy they produced a decade before will get affected.

After 25 years, the energy production efficiency will decrease to 6-8%. This means solar panels have more than 25 years of life. The efficiency will be affected with time, but the solar panels will keep working and providing energy.

They won’t die completely. The degradation process keeps affecting the aged solar panels and nothing else. The medium degradation rate of solar panels is approximately 0.5% per year. It might get a little high when the solar panels get old, or you live in a region where the weather gets to its extreme level.

After the total degradation of solar panels, the main problem you might face would be the leach out of the lead as the solar panel breaks down. It is a toxic material, and it might affect the environment. Before anything like this happens, you can get the solar panels replaced with new ones.

How to choose a company that installs quality solar panels with a maximum life span?

Choosing the best company for getting solar panel services is important. So, here are a few tips that might help you to choose the most trustworthy and premium quality service provider company in town:

·        Make a list of different companies that provide solar panel installation services.

·        Look for online reviews about the company’s services to get an idea about the company’s reputation in the market.

·        Try to contact companies that have been providing solar panel services for decades.

·        Look for referrals from your neighbors or friends if they had any good experience with any solar panel company.

Final Remarks:

The answer to your query about how long solar panels last is that solar panels last for a minimum of 25 years. The lifespan depends on various factors, as we have discussed above. Solar panels are the best alternative to produce energy without consuming natural resources, and it leads you to a sustainable lifestyle.

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